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At Last! A Cure For Driving Test Nerves?
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Do you, or someone you know suffer from Driving Test Nerves?Well help is now available at www.DrivingTest-Nerves.co.uk  

A brand new website has just been launched with unique products specifically developed for the nervous learner driver in mind.

"We have been working hard for the last 5 months to develop a series of hypnotherpay CDs to help Learner drivers cope with the stress of taking thier driving test." said the creator Martin Caswell

"I developed this series of CDs based on my many years of experience of teachng learner drivers. I have been an ADI for over 35 years, mainly specialising in teaching nervous pupils to drive, not just merely pass their driving test. My slogan being 'Nervous Pupils A Speciality'."

Martin has been working very closely with fully qualified hypnotherapist David Clayton ( www.HypnoRelate.com ) and together with their combined experience have produced 10 CDs.

Martin says "There are several hypnotherapy CDs already on the market, but although very good, they do not have the inside knowledge of the professional and experienced fully qualified driving instructor."

"This is where our particular series of CDs stand on their own. Not only are they developed to go through the complete procedures of the driving test and what will happen, but they also come with a separate CD containing advice for preparing for your driving test, but includes detailed diagrams of all of the manoeuvres along with step-by-step instructions on how to carry them out. They can of course print them out too"


Through the period of development Martin tested them on his own pupils and received extremely positive feedback.

Martin went on to say "So far, all of the pupils who used these CDs prior to their driving test, have all passed without exception. It may be early days, but these results are very encouraging."

"Apart from one who took her test and passed at the first attempt last Friday, all the other pupils involved in the trial were all taking their driving test for the 2nd or 3rd time."

Each set comes with 2 CDs. One CD contains the hypnotherpay session, the other CD contains the diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and driving test advice.

You can see some of their testimonials on www.DrivingTest-Nerves.co.uk  and more information.

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